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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Gates Foundation selected the site for the first Janicki Omni Processor as Senegal and has funded much of the Dakar Pilot project to date.  Their support has been crucial to the success of this project.


ONAS, Senegal's National Office of Sanitation, runs the Waste Water Treatment Plant where the Dakar Pilot plant is co-located. After receiving and launching the Dakar Pilot project during an initial phase, ONAS transferred full operations to Delvic Sanitation Initiatives in 2018. Delvic was trained on how to operate the plant and manages its day-to-day operation, requiring remote support as needed from Sedron®.

Delvic Sanitation Initiatives

Delvic is the first private African company specializing in fecal sludge management. Since its creation in 2013, Delvic was given authority by ONAS to lead operations of its fecal sludge treatment plants (FSTP) in Senegal. Delvic participated in the field test of the Dakar Pilot plant before acquiring the first commercial version of the Janicki Omni Processor. Delvic is committed to providing Africa with infrastructure and services for sustainable sanitation.