Varcor System


Sedron Technologies’ patent-pending Varcor system provides a highly efficient solution for processing liquid waste streams that concentrates and recovers the outputs into pathogen-free solid and liquid fractions. This approach to treatment is extensible to many liquid waste streams, such as livestock manure, septic wastewater, and industrial liquid waste.

Our Varcor system is a complete treatment solution in that, beyond just separating the solid and water, it also heats, sterilizes, and distills the constituent components. At the system output, the distilled reuse water is treated to desired quality standards including those sufficient for environmental release, irrigation, reclaimed water, or wastewater treatment discharge. The solids produced are pathogen-free and are capable of being sold as a commodity in many cases. The Varcor system includes nutrient recovery technology that enables the capture of a concentrated ammonia solution for certain waste streams that can be sold as a fertilizer.

The Varcor technology is fundamentally based upon a well-proven process known as mechanical vapor recompression. The solid and liquid fractions are separated through thermal evaporation and the resulting vapor is sent to a compressor, where it undergoes mechanical recompression. The compressed vapor is then used as the heat source for the evaporation process; in transferring its heat, the vapor condenses and forms a water output. The remaining vapor is concentrated and condensed into an ammonia solution. Due to the thermal process involved, all three outputs: the water, the solids, and the concentrated constituents, are guaranteed to be pathogen-free. This technology solves existing market problems and customer pain points by offering reduced operating costs, producing by-products that have inherent value, and offering more convenient use.