Our Brand

Our Brand



Janicki Bioenergy, LLC has changed its name to Sedron Technologies, LLC to better reflect itself as a technology innovator and position the brand for future growth. Sedron Technologies invents and manufactures products and processes for a wide range of industries: from cutting edge waste-to-energy and water treatment systems for developing nations; to novel, off-grid toilet systems; to transformative liquid waste processing and nutrient recovery systems for agricultural, municipal, and military uses.

The Sedron brand will be utilized to grow a family of companies in the future to serve the needs of various industries and product lines. Creation of multiple companies will also provide a platform for enabling a variety of unique and complementary business leaders and teams. The first of these companies, Sedron Agriculture, has already been created with a focus on providing turnkey manure management and nutrient recovery products for the agriculture industry.


The name Sedron (pronounced said-drawn) was inspired by the company’s hometown of Sedro-Woolley – the first half of which is adapted from the Spanish word “cedro”, meaning “cedar”. The central symbol of the Sedron logomark is the phoenix, a timeless representation of regeneration and renewal and a reference to the solutions that Sedron Technologies provides in the water, energy, and sanitation sectors. The right wing of the phoenix is composed of the intricate foliage of a cedar tree, adopted from its namesake. The left wing embodies industrial innovation through the use of a gear; the gear captures the company’s forward locomotion and represents the mechanical backbone of Sedron’s products. Together, the logomark symbolizes the interconnection of technology and nature showcasing the company’s continued dedication to environmental sustainability through technological advancements.